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DGKad Tutorial


( Yes, you can create/edit your DGKad using mobile phone, but as for now we'd recommend you using Laptop/Desktop for better experience and management )Please bear in mind some of the features showing in tutorial videos below may not available to your account plan. It's depends on your account level.

How to create your Mobile Digital Card (Biolink)


The new version of DGKad. Please take a look for a full Live Demo for you to understand the overall of the app.

( New update: Right now the "Project" step is an optional. )


How to Setup Social Media Buttons


How to create Link Shortener


How to place your FB Messenger Live Chat

New Update: We just enable the Custom HTML code feature only for Premium Plus users.-----------



How to Download QR Code


(New Update) How to add custom Domain or Subdomain ( Premium & Premium Plus Users Only )

PDF File Step by Step Tutorial: Download HereIMPORTANT: We are not providing you domain name. You need to buy your domain name from the providers who are selling Domain Name like Godaddy, NameCheap, Exabytes and others. We recommend you to get your domain at https://godaddy.com

In summary, this is the step you need to do to connect custom domain:1) Buy your domain at Godaddy.com or NameCheap.com or other providers

2) Change the nameserver in your Godaddy/Namecheap's account for that domain. Please refer to the tutorial video above on how to change the Nameserver.

3) Submit your domain in your DGKad account at the Domain setting.

4) We will approve it in about 24 - 48 hours if everything is fine.LATEST UPDATE: We are having issue to connect with your Subdomain. So, at this moment, we will accept to connect your Main Domain only, not Subdomain. Please follow the change NAMESERVER step in the video to connect your Main Domain to DGKad.


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